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Bees Brothers



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Our firm chewy caramels have the rich buttery flavor of traditional caramels, but with the extra depth of flavor from honey. No skimping: honey is the main ingredient here!

Can’t decide which flavor? Why not try them all? This box contains a few of each flavor (salted, plain, chocolate, raspberry, almond, and ginger). 

All of our honey caramels are made in small batches with the best ingredients available: 

  • honey from our own beehives
  • local cream and butter
  • sea salt mined here in Utah
  • a touch of brown sugar for that traditional caramel flavor
  • May contain cocoa nibs, ginger, almonds, or raspberries

Just so you know, the caramels are not labeled. You can easily identify the almond, chocolate, and raspberry caramels, but the rest will be a delightful mystery until you taste them. Enjoy!

Caramels are wrapped in natural cellophane and packaged in a unique and beautiful recycled kraft box. Great for gift giving!

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